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Malpe-Padukere beach

Malpe-Padukere beach
Photography Credits : Anudeep hegde

Padukere beach is found near Maple beach in Udupi. Padukere beach is located a half-hour drive from UVA Meridian Bay Resort Beach has now connected thanks to the construction of a bridge and people don’t have to rely on a ferry. The bridge passes through backwaters of Udupi and you will find large numbers of boats being tied at the Malpe port.

Padukere beach is less popular among outsiders and thus it remains a very quiet place. Perfect for family and friends looking for some quiet place or want to visit a different beach after spending time at Malpe beach.

You can also see a few islands from this beach. The sunset view from here is just amazing, which makes for a picturesque setting of the sunset. Thanks to less footfall even spot a starfish or two. Udupi department of tourism is working on making this a blue flag beach and it is believed to become on the top beaches on the coast of Karnataka

Languages : Tulu and Kannada,konkani, Beary Bashe, Hindi And English.


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