The space we have prepared for you during your stay with us at UVA MERIDIAN BAY is designed to pamper you silly.

Heli Tourism

Heli tourism is becoming widely popular in India with increase of both national and international tourists. Now you can arrive in style, inviting you to experience unparalleled personal service in an extraordinarily glamorous setting.One among the only few authorized helipad in the coast. Land straight into UVA Meridian Bay Resort & Spa.

Only a select few, fabulous hotels & resorts around the world offer their VIP guests the possibility to arrive by air, adding glamour to an already exclusive holiday experience . UVA Meridian Bay Resort continues to set bench mark in setting hotel standards in Karnataka, offering a blend of the Western hospitality with the warmth and welcoming nature of coastal Karnataka,in an atmosphere of unmatched classical grandeur and timeless elegance .

heli tourism
Photography Credits: Anudeep Hegde

Our esteemed guests may arrive straight to the resort by a dedicated Helicopter service either from Bangalore or any other region. Fly in by your own helicopter or the resort can take care of your need to book a private helicopter and bring you straight to the resort.

UVA Meridian Conventions is popular for destination weddings and having a fully operational helipad gives a edge to VIP guests arriving from different parts of the country.

Along with the department of tourism, Udupi and Chipson aviation,helicopter rides where made available in Kundapura for public for three days at UVA Meridian Bay Resort helipad to promote Heli tourism. While those taking the helicopter ride from Koteshwar, will be able to see eye-soothing visuals of the backwaters of Kundapura, the Gangolli fisheries harbour and Kodi beach and the birds eye view of National Highway 66..


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